Intune Endpoint Management

Part one of this video shows a step by step guide how to enroll Windows 10 devices to Intune endpoint management for device management.

As shown in the diagram, We will walk through the process manually and also automatically using autopilot by ‘Hybrid joining’ a device so that it is visible and joined to both on-premises AD and in Azure AD.

Intune endpoint management

We show obtaining the hardware hash of the Windows 10 device, and then importing this into Endpoint Manager so the device can be automatically registered and built with the assigned policy to that device. The idea being is that this registration is performed by the OEM, reseller, or distributor from which the devices were purchased or the registration can also be done within your organization by collecting the hardware identity and uploading it manually.
Also shown will be the configuration of Hybrid Azure AD join in AD Connect to register devices from on premise AD to Azure AD and the Intune Connector which creates autopilot-enrolled computers in the on-premises Active Directory domain.

We have already added a custom domain in the Azure tenant – and have AD connect sync up and running. We won’t be covering that in this video, but links are in the description going through the AD connect and custom domain setup if you need them. Part two of this video will be be released soon going though application delivery, and part three will cover patching and updates to devices.

Intune endpoint management

Contents covered in this Intune endpoint management video in summary are setting up trial licenses, explaining the different device identities, group creation for both users and devices, autopilot profiles,Intune connector, AD connect hybrid azure ad join, exporting and importing hardware hash for device registration, domain join profiles to windows 10 devices are automatically added to the domain and finally with all the settings in place we register a Windows 10 device into Intune by turning it on from scratch with the out of box experience and looking at the steps of setup and automatic configuration of that device.

  • Intro and Diagram (Intune endpoint management)
  • Intune Trial Licenses
  • Device Identities
  • Group Creation for Users
  • Premium trial license for auto enroll
  • Autopilot – Add User groups & settings
  • Autopilot Enrolment profile – User driven Azure AD Joined (User Group)
  • Adding Windows 10 devices in Endpoint Manager portal (Manually)
  • Install the Intune Connector
  • AD Connect – Hybrid Azure AD Join
  • Autopilot – Add Device groups
  • Export and Upload Hardware Hash for registration
  • Autopilot Enrolment profile – User driven Hybrid Azure AD joined (Device Group)
  • Enrolment status
  • Domain Join Profile
  • GPO: Enable automatic MDM enrollment in Intune MDM using Azure AD credentials
  • Demo – Registering Windows 10 Out-of-box experience (OOBE) (Hybrid Azure AD join)

Intune Trial

Intune endpoint management

Different Device Identities

Group Policy MDM Download
Intune Connector Download
In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, devices, windows, windows enrollment, Intune Connector for Active Directory.
Click Add and then download the intune connector.

Azure AD connect Setup and Deployment

Intune Application Deployment


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