Azure AD Connect | Setup & Download

How to setup & install, from start to finish using Azure AD Connect to synchronizing on premise Active Directory users to Azure Active Directory in a hybrid model.

This will enable us to use on-premise AD credentials, user name and passwords to log into Azure in the form of either the portal, or a application in Azure such as Office 365 or Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). We also guide you through synchronizing AD with powershell commands for delta and full synchronization.

This video covers the following contents:

  • Intro and diagram
  • Setting up Azure custom domain name
  • Installing and configuring Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller
  • Azure static IP address & virtual network DNS
  • Adding domain UPN suffixes
  • Setting up Active Directory user accounts for AD Connect
  • Installing and configuring Azure AD Connect
  • Powershell commands to Sync AD to Azure AD (delta and full sync)
  • Testing AD Synchronization

AD Connect Download

Build a VM video

Microsoft Getting started with Azure AD Connect using express settings


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