Intune Application Deployment

This video is the second part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager covering intune application deployment for Windows 10.

intune application deployment

Packaging apps (Google Chrome) using Intune Windows Application Utility and then delivering to Windows 10 devices using Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Then installing apps already available to us to Windows 10 in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal such as Microsoft 365 suite (office 365) including Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint etc.

Intune Application Deployment

The first video covered an introduction to Windows 10 Autopilot Enrolment and Hybrid Azure AD join, go and check it out if you haven’t seen yet, links are in the description.

Contents of this video:

  • Intro and Diagram
  • IntuneWinAppUtil download
  • Packaging Chrome using IntuneWinAppUtil .intunewin extention
  • Installing Windows Win32 app (Chrome) to Windows 10 Devices
  • Checking Chrome Install on Windows 10 Device
  • Uninstalling Win32 app (Chrome)
  • Installing Microsoft 365 applications to Windows 10 Devices
  • Checking Company Portal in Windows 10 device

IntuneWinAppUtil download
Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) Part 1 – Introduction to Windows 10 Autopilot Enrolment and Hybrid Azure AD join


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