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Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Step by step guide showing how to use Microsoft Defender for Identity with a demo of attack simulation and alerting. This is achieved by installing a sensor on domain controllers to enable signals to identify, detect, investigate advanced threats, compromised identities and malicious insider actions directed at your organization. Protect Against Cyber Attacks Azure AutomationAzure

Azure Automation State Configuration

Azure Automation State Configuration video shows how to assign virtual machines a configuration desired state you specify. This will allow us to add in as many virtual machine servers as we require to automatically receive and automate the desired state with ease and push this configuration out to our servers without manually installing software. We

Azure Best Practice Checklist

Azure checklist to check your environment to make sure that best practices are being followed. The checklist contains items that are imported together with a dashboard to track progress. Find out how to download and use this checklist for design improvements, security and recommendations. Azure Best Practice Protect Against Cyber AttacksAzure Automation On-premise to Cloud

On Premise to Cloud Migration

Everyone is talking about On premise to cloud migration and moving servers to the cloud. So how do we actually do it? On Premise to Cloud Migration Step by Step Using simple and easy tools to discover and assess what servers you currently have in your environment, how on-premises workloads will perform and how much

Teams Features – Top 10

Teams Features top 10 setup configs and secret features that you must use! These will help with teams collaboration making your working day simple and easy. Teams Features Top 10 setup and secret features you must know!!! Also check out the Microsoft teams recording greyed out video! Whats new in Microsoft Teams