Azure AD Identity Protection & Conditional Access

 Azure AD Identity Protection video providing an introduction step by step guide using Office 365 security threat intelligence including risky users, risky sign-ins and risk detections. This can occur with phishing attacks, atypical travel from leaked credentials and password spray. Identity Protection uses AD threat intelligence to determine whether the user sign ins are risky

Azure AD Connect V2

 Azure AD Connect version v2 has been released. Next year in 2022 several components in AD connect version v1 will go out of support.The new release does not contain any new functionailty, it contains updates to the foundation components on AD connect. Several of the older components that AD Connect uses are due to deprecate

PowerApps Tutorial

 Learn how to create a PowerApp holiday leave application from a template using the examples and demo in this video. This will allow organisations to keep trackof employee leave holidays and vacation, including sick leave, floating holiday, jury duty and bereavement. Data is contained within an Excel spreadsheet as the PowerApp data store. Power Apps