Installing Terraform and Azure CLI – Part 1

 Azure & Terraform Part 1 (installing Terraform and Azure CLI) step by step video guide showing Azure & Terraform Infrastructure as Code. Getting started with Terraform azure for beginners. Part 2 video – Creating resource groups, virtual machines (vNets) with frontend and backend subnets using Terraform Creating terraform virtual networks, resource groups, subnets – Part

Microsoft Azure UK Data Centres Opens

 Azure UK Data Centres located in London, Durham and Cardiff are now up and running Microsoft have confirmed. Ministry of Defence and an NHS trust are to take up Azure services as a result of the datacenters coming online. The datacenters, which will power Microsoft’s online computing services in the UK, will allow the UK

Cloud Backup Unitrends

 This covers a summary of Unitrends Cloud Backup and Recovery product set (currently version 9) in a single post. What is Unitrends On-Premise and Hybrid Cloud Backup? Unitrends have a fantastic all in one product set specialising in backup and business continuity. They provide a radically simple cloud-empowered all in one connected continuity platform to