Block BYOD – No more NonCompliant Devices!

Most orgainisations want to block BYOD non-compliant personal devices from accessing company applications and data which are not secure. We don`t want employees bringing their own devices and using their personally owned devices for work purposes.

It is critical to have a well defined BYOD policy and understand the risks to protect the company from cyber threats such as ransomware, hacking and data breaches.

This video will show a step by step guide, tutorial and demo. Covering blocking personal non-compliant Windows 10 devices from accessing our Microsoft 365 applications and data using Microsoft conditional access policies and Intune autopilot.

Contents of this video

  • Intro diagram to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Microsoft Intune MDM Auto Enrollment
  • Autopilot Capture Client Workstation Hardware ID
  • Import Hash of Client Workstation Registration via Microsoft Intune
  • Create New Device Group and add Windows Autopilot Devices
  • Create and assign a Windows Autopilot Deployment Profile
  • Intune Licenses
  • Reset Client Workstation back to Out-Of-Box-Experience (OOBE)
  • Restart the client workstation Autopilot OOBE experience
  • Intune Compliance Settings and Policies
  • Enrollment Device Platform Restrictions block “Personally Owned” enroll for Windows 10
  • Microsoft Entra Device Join and Registration Settings
  • Join Windows 10 as Microsoft Entra Registered
  • Block Joining Device to Microsoft Entra ID and Enroll in Device Management
  • Conditional Access policy for Office 365 and Require Device to be Marked as Compliant
  • Test Conditional Access Policy and Block BYOD Personal & Non Compliant Device Access to Office 365

Block BYOD


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