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Azure Policy & Change History

Take a dive into Azure Policy which allows you to see recent change history and logs within the Azure portal and properties for non-compliant Azure resources. This is a extension and addition of a previous azure governance video where we explained and demoed azure governance using Management Groups, RBAC (Role Based Access Control), Policy. That

Azure Governance and Azure Policy

In this video we will explain and demo Azure governance using Management Groups, RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and Azure Policy. Consider the scenario where we have a company with multiple subscriptions. We currently have no control or visability over any subscriptions and we need to control this. How do you manage the subscriptions? How

Azure Free Training – Free 200+ Video Courses

Quick video showing how you can learn Azure step by step by obtaining free Azure training video resources (200+) for the popular role based Azure certifications below. Azure training course tutorials for beginners and experts and lasts for 5 year subscription. Azure Training covered: Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-203 Part