Azure Policy & Change History

Take a dive into Azure Policy which allows you to see recent change history and logs within the Azure portal and properties for non-compliant Azure resources.

Azure Policy
Azure Policy

This is a extension and addition of a previous azure governance video where we explained and demoed azure governance using Management Groups, RBAC (Role Based Access Control), Policy.

That video link is below if you want to take a look, together with other links to support this video.

This video will cover the following Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Policy for Security Center (default set of policies automatically assigned and monitored by Azure Security Center)
  • Add a virtual network to trigger change history
  • View change history in the virtual network activity logs
  • Change a subnet IP address to trigger change history old and new values
  • Compare and show the change history (old value and new value)
  • View non compliance virtual network in Security Center Policy and change history

More links
Azure Governance video

Overview of Azure Policy

Non compliance resources


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