Azure AD Connect V2

Azure AD Connect version v2 has been released. Next year in 2022 several components in AD connect version v1 will go out of support.
The new release does not contain any new functionailty, it contains updates to the foundation components on AD connect. Several of the older components that AD Connect uses are due to deprecate in 2022. All those compoents have been bundled into a v2 release, so you only have to update once.

Azure AD Connect V2 Installation

In this video we will go through the new prerequisites and changes for AD Connect v2, and show the in-place upgrade from a previous installed version of AD connect v1 to v2. No autoupgrade is available. If you have never installed AD connect and are looking for a step by step guide then we also have video links covering this in the description.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Intro
  • Prerequisites and changes in AD connect v2
  • TLS 1.2 enable using PowerShell
  • Export current config
  • Download ADConnect v2
  • Upgrade AD connect version 1 to version 2

Azure AD Connect Install


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