Exchange Online Protection

In this video we will take a look at Exchange Online Protection scanning, filtering or EOP for short and the configuration options available to us.

EOP filters inbound and outbound mail in the Office 365 cloud that protects and scans against threats such as spam and malware. EOP is included with each Office 365 tenant and checks mailflow traveling through Exchange Online mailboxes. EOP is also available in the for on-premises and Hybrid environments.

Contents of this video:

  • Introduction and diagram
  • Anti-spam settings
  • High confidence spam
  • Bulk email
  • Quarantined item retention
  • Increase the spam score
  • What is marked as spam / turning off and on
  • Connection filter policy
  • Outbound spam filter policy
  • Configure spoof intelligence in EOP
  • Demo – Testing sending/receiving .exe attachment
  • Malware filter settings
  • Demo – Re-test sending/receiving .exe attachment
  • Quarantine
  • End user spam notifications
  • Threat management

Exchange Online Protection overview
EOP features
EOP recommended settings


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