Azure File Share with Private Endpoint

Step by step guide using azure file share with NTFS permissions applied with a private endpoint using aad authentication. In a traditional file server environment users would connect to Windows File Server shares either in the cloud or on premise. We can replace and decommission these ageing Windows file servers with a file cloud server, which offers a serverless solution hosting our
NTFS shares via SMB in the cloud that integrates with aad authentication.

Whats covered in this video:

  • Create Storage Account for files
  • Using AzFilesHybrid PowerShell module
  • Download AzFilesHybrid module
  • Powershell commands to run enabling AD DS authentication for Azure file shares.
  • Set Execution Policy to Unrestricted
  • Copy files using CopyToPSPath.ps1
  • AzFilesHybrid Module Import
  • Define script parameter variables
  • Select the target subscription for the current session
  • Storage account registration with Windows Active Directory
  • Confirm storage account is enabled and registered
  • Assign share level permissions
  • Connect to File Share within the Azure Virtual Network
  • Configuring NTFS permissions on File Share
  • Folder & file creation on File Share
  • Connect to Azure File Share using SMB over private endpoint

Azure File Share

Enable AD DS authentication for your Azure file shares
Assign share-level permissions to an identity
Azure VPN Point to Site


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