Azure Data share is now in preview

Azure Data Share is a fully managed service, with no infrastructure to set up will meet big data demands to share data with third-party companies.

Instead of using FTP, dropbox or onedrive for example. Azure Data sharing allows sharing of data via the Azure portal.

Azure Data Share The service can be scheduled to share new or changed data automatically.
This allows for governance, greater control, using core Azure security with users agreeing on terms of use.

Summary of how Azure Data is shared between the Data Provider and the Data consumer.

Data Provider

  • Create a Data Share
  • Select the dataset type, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake (further dataset types will be announced in the future)
  • Navigate to the object you would like to share
  • Enter in the email addresses of your Data Consumer
  • Choose if you’d like your data consumer to be able to get incremental updates of your data, enable the snapshot schedule

Data Consumer

  • Check your inbox for an invitation from your data provider
  • View invitation to see your invitation in Azure portal
  • Accept invitation, including the terms of use
  • Check the box to indicate you agree
  • Select an existing Data Share account that you’d like to accept your data share into
  • Trigger snapshot. Here, you can trigger a full or incremental snapshot of your data. If it is your first time receiving data from your data provider, select full copy
  • Open the storage account to view the received data

Azure Data Share has the potential for data sharing to be easy and safe for industry. Financial services software provider Finastra has integrated the new service with their open platform called
This enables the distribution of data to application developers.

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