Author: cloudinspired

Endpoint Manager Windows Updates and Feature Updates

Step by step tutorial showing Endpoint Manager Windows Updates and Feature Updates. How to patch and update Windows 10 devices (using update rings) and roll-out feature updates (using feature update profiles)controlling how and when Windows 10 devices are updated using Endpoint Manager. Endpoint Manager Windows Updates and Feature Updates We have already covered how to

Intune Application Deployment

This video is the second part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager covering intune application deployment for Windows 10. Packaging apps (Google Chrome) using Intune Windows Application Utility and then delivering to Windows 10 devices using Intune Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Then installing apps already available to us to Windows 10 in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal such

SFTP Azure – In under 3 minutes!

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol – Secure FTP) allows transferring of files over a secure SSH connection. Setting SFTP server up in Azure normally required a Virtual Machine (either Windows or Linux) to run the SFTP service. SFTP Azure video This video shows how to quickly spin up a SFTP Azure container instance to get

MSIX App Attach

In this video we look at a step by guide using MSIX app attach to package applications to a virtual hard disk (VHD) for mounting to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) session hosts (Windows 10 2004) uploaded to Azure files.In short this gives us an easy way to package applications both old and new, and deliver

Exchange Online Protection

In this video we will take a look at Exchange Online Protection scanning, filtering or EOP for short and the configuration options available to us. EOP filters inbound and outbound mail in the Office 365 cloud that protects and scans against threats such as spam and malware. EOP is included with each Office 365 tenant