Author: cloudinspired

Office App Android and iOS

Microsoft Office app for Android and iOS is now generally available and free to use for your mobile and tablet devices.It is now possible to connect to different types of cloud storage, for example drop box, one drive and download your Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents for editing. Also possible to transfer files, share

Azure Logic Apps

Azure logic apps tutorial showing how to monitor a website status and email alerts on availability if website is down or unavailable. Tasks can be automated using Azure logic apps for a number of scenarios to help you integrate apps, systems and data together either on-premises, in the cloud or both. This video covers a

Azure Backup Explorer

Azure Backup Explorer is now available in preview, allowing a single pane of glass to view your backup estate. This was previously done in recovery vault, however can become difficult to manage across subscriptions and regions. Backup Explorer is now available in the Azure portal providing a tools to view summary, backup items, jobs, alerts,