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Cloud Backup Unitrends

This covers a summary of Unitrends Cloud Backup and Recovery product set (currently version 9) in a single post. What is Unitrends On-Premise and Hybrid Cloud Backup? Unitrends have a fantastic all in one product set specialising in backup and business continuity. They provide a radically simple cloud-empowered all in one connected continuity platform to

Azure Terraform Automation

In this blog post we will cover Azure Terraform automation building from scratch Azure standard locally redundant storage (LRS), cloud service, virtual network and Windows server 2012 R2 virtual machines from a example Terraform script. Terraform is an excellent third party tool for deploying infrastructure as code to various platforms including Azure, Amazon AWS and

Azure Virtual Network (vNet) in Classic

This blog post will cover how to create an Azure Virtual Network (vNet) in Classic deployment model. Virtual network (vNet) in Azure allows you to create your own network boundary in the cloud. Subnets can be created in each Virtual network (vNet) allowing a logical subdivision, dividing a network into one or more networks. For

Azure Cloud Service in Classic

Creating a Azure Cloud Service allows you to register a subdomain of and assigns a Virtual IP address (VIP) to the cloud service. In this example we use “frondendlb” for our load balancing DNS name. This would create the DNS name “” over the internet. This blog post will cover how to create an