Azure File Sync – Step by step guide install and config

Video below is a walk through of azure file sync, a step by step installation from start to finish.

This allows you to sync your Windows file servers shares with an Azure storage account to replicate files to the cloud. Azure File is a simple, secure, and fully managed cloud file share solution, using SMB 3.0 and HTTPS.

In addition, the service allows the customer to use functionality like:

Cloud Tiering – store only recently accessed data on local servers, saving storage space etc.

Cloud Access – We can connect to the files that have been replicated to the cloud. either through other IaaS servers or Paas services.

Sync and access – provides write access to the same data across Windows servers and Azure Files. We can have different sites, for example Main HQ Office with setup from from Server to cloud file share. Then Branch office sites syncing with that data also.

Cloud Backup – Integrates with Azure backup – no need to back up your data on premises

Server DR – Fast disaster recovery – restore file metadata immediately and recall data as needed from the Azure Cloud file share back to servers in that region.

At the time of creating this video supports syncing only with an Azure file share that’s in the same region as the Storage Sync Service.


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