SFTP Azure – In under 3 minutes!

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol – Secure FTP) allows transferring of files over a secure SSH connection.

Setting SFTP server up in Azure normally required a Virtual Machine (either Windows or Linux) to run the SFTP service.

SFTP Azure

SFTP Azure video

This video shows how to quickly spin up a SFTP Azure container instance to get a simple SFTP server up and running in Azure. This can be done in under 3 minutes using a Azure template. Data is stored in Azure Files which is backed by durable persistent storage.

This video will cover.

  1. Deploy SFTP Template to Azure
  2. Connect to SFTP Server using WinSCP
  3. Upload Files to SFTP
  4. View Data in Azure Files
  5. Firewall IP ranges

Link to template


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