MSIX App Attach

In this video we look at a step by guide using MSIX app attach to package applications to a virtual hard disk (VHD) for mounting to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) session hosts (Windows 10 2004) uploaded to Azure files.
In short this gives us an easy way to package applications both old and new, and deliver to VDI, WVD or RDS environments. This enables a central reliable solution to manage our apps, reducing network bandwidth and disk space optimisations. App attach is Microsoft tool and a form of application virtualization which we can compare to, for example App-V.

Contents of this video

  • Install MSIX application on Windows 10 2004
  • Package user application into MSIX format
  • Install a self-signed certificate for our app
  • Create and prepare a new Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) for our app
  • Unpack MSIX application to VHD for deployment
  • Copy the VHD to Azure Files for access from WVD session hosts
  • Mount the VHD to WVD session hosts for deployment from Azure Files
  • Run the packaged app in WVD on a session host
  • Run the packaged app in WVD as a remote application

MSIX app attach tool download
Microsoft MSIX app attach mount scripts and setup documentation
AD Connect video step by step
WVD video step by step


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