Azure Password Writeback

This video is an extention of how to setup AD connect using Azure password writeback, which will allow users to change Azure Active Directory passwords and sync back to on-premise AD any password changes as shown in the diagram.

Azure Password Writeback & Self Service (SSPR) | Sync accounts Office 365, WVD back to on-premise.

If your looking how to setup AD connect from scratch to sync on premise AD to Azure AD then check out the links in the description below for the first part of the video. An existing on-premises AD configured with a current version of Azure AD Connect is a prerequisite in making this work and covered in that previous first video.

So why would we want to do this?

In a hybrid environment where Azure AD is connected to an on-premises Active Directory, without Azure password writeback users can cause passwords to be different between the two directories. This means that if a user changes their Azure AD account password, then tries to login when in the office on-premise their passwords will be different.

Also covered in this video is using Azure AD self-service password reset (also known as SSPR), users can reset their password or unlock their account using a web browser.

Password writeback can be used to synchronize password changes in Azure AD back to your on-premises AD. Azure AD Connect provides a secure mechanism to send these password changes back to an existing on-premises directory from Azure AD.

This video will cover the following:

  • Intro and diagram
  • Test password writeback (before change)
  • Azure Active Directory licences to enable password writeback
  • Account permissions (AD connect)
  • Enable password write backup using AD connect
  • Enable on premise integration
  • Enable self service password reset (SSPR)
  • Test password writeback (after we have enabled)

Azure AD connect (first video)
How password writeback works
How to enable password writeback
Licensing requirements
Enable Azure Active Directory Free Premium trial (one month)

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