Azure Branding & Endpoint Manager Portal Customization

This video blog will cover Azure branding and customization, both in the Azure portal and Endpoint Manager Intune.

Azure Branding

Azure Branding and Customization for Azure Portal & Endpoint Manager Intune

This is to give your users visibility of your company branding from the company portal app and endpoint devices using that app.
Your sign-in pages also appear when users sign in to your organization’s web-based apps, such as Microsoft 365, which uses Azure AD as your identity provider.
We will also take a quick look at Andriod phone devices and some enrollment options.

Whats covered in this video:

  1. Azure portal branding and customization
  2. Endpoint Manager branding and customization
  3. Company portal review
  4. Android branding review and enrollment options
  5. Company portal hide remove and reset button

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